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        summer 2020

        Reconstruction Almaatinskaya Street in Kyiv,
        Kyiv city

        Tram lines in the Dniprovsky district of the capital of Ukraine on Almaatinskaya Street were launched in November 1955. 65 years later, the Kyivpasstrans enterprise is reconstructing tram lines. We are talking about the complete dismantling of old tram lines and the laying of new modern highways. Techenergoprom group is an expert in the creation of tram tracks using the Silent Path technology. This is the safety of passenger traffic, and the combination of tram tracks with highways, and the silent movement of trams on new rail tracks laid using the most modern rail laying technologies.

        The specialists of the Techenergoprom group have developed a logistics system, according to which the delivery of materials for the track superstructure is based on the technological cycle of work on the creation of tram tracks. Moreover, deliveries are carried out in such a way that the work process goes on without pauses or interruptions.

        The impeccable quality of materials is guaranteed by the reputation of the Techenergoprom brand.

        The safety of passenger traffic depends on the quality of the components of the tramway.

        The entire range of works on the reconstruction of the track superstructure is carried out using the most advanced European technologies. On straight sections, R65 rails are used, on curved lines - T62 tram rails. The section of Almaatinskaya Street, which is more than three kilometers of railways, will be equipped according to European standards for tram communications. This will enable the people of Kyiv and guests of the capital to use a convenient, comfortable and safe tram. This very goal - the safety of tram transportation - is declared in its activities by the Techenergoprom Group.

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        Interested in our products or services?
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