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        Sections for Lining and Tumbling Mills

        Short description
        The rolled section is meant for armouring of coal- and ore-pulverizing mills. It is more energy-efficient as compared with liner plate cast of steel 110Г13Л.
        The liner plate for coal-pulverizing mills is used while outfit of tumbling mills type Ш-50, Ш-25 installed at the thermal stations.
        Ore-pulverizing liner plate is used in the tumbling mills meant for pulverized ore grind.


        Section designation Product Standard Steel Grade Length, m Weight kg/m
        Rolling liner plate of ore-pulverizing mills (Figure 1) TU U 322-233-235-95 75Г2ФЮ, 75Г2Ф, 75Г2 Multiple of specified length from 1.0 m to 11.5 m without bolting holes. It is permitted to deliver random-length rods in the amount of 10 % of lot size at most 237
        Rolling liner plate of coal-pulverizing mills (Figure 2) Specified length within the range from 8.0 to 8.8 m (by agreement with the Buyer). Length tolerance +100/-0 mm. Without bolting holes 115,4
        Rolling heavy-duty wedge of ore-pulverizing mills (Figure 3)   107,9

        The mining industry may seem less technologically simple, but it requires a number of complex equipment being permanently subjected to wear, friction, and other harmful factors.

        This is especially true in regard to the equipment meant for processing and grinding of ore and coal. Logically, that the main components of these machines are made of best quality and strong rolled metal.

        Offers of SPE «TechEnergoProm» LLC

        Our enterprise is one of the best professional metal traders of Ukraine. The specialists working in our Company are skilled not only in sale, but in everything concerning metallurgy.

        Our catalogue includes practically all existing types of steel products. You can buy the liner plate of coal-pulverizing mills in our Company among other things. This offer will be up-to-date for the machine-building companies manufacturing the equipment for mines, integrated iron-and-steel works, and electric power stations.

        In our Company, you can also choose and purchase other types of special products at moderate prices:

        • liner plates for cement grinding mills,
        • high-quality rolling wedge of ore-pulverizing mills,
        • different sections for mill lining

        The specialists in heavy engineering will for sure appreciate the quality of range collected in the catalogue.

        The reliability of our goods is the basis of reputation of their manufacturers and our buyers. We know that all partners of SPE «TechEnergoProm» LLC solve complex and demanding engineering tasks. In this case, the success very heavily depends on the quality materials.

        SPE «TechEnergoProm» LLC knows which must be rolled metal being used in heavy engineering and construction. We guarantee compliance with GOST and other modern Standards.

        Our advantages

        The metal market is vast and saturated with different offers. It is easy to get lost among hundreds and thousands of traders. It is necessary to find reliable partners for long-term collaborative work.

        SPE «TechEnergoProm» LLC is just such a company. Why hundreds of large purchasers work just with us?

        Firstly, we are working only with the best manufacturers from different countries. All of them have shown themselves to the best advantage.

        Secondly, we shall always find necessary amount of rolled metal products for any project. Our Suppliers make hundreds names of steel parts of all types, sizes and of different steel grades. The rolled lining, wedge, and liner plate play a significant part among the range.

        Contact us for consultation and enter into the purchase orders.

        Interested in sections for lining and tumbling mills?
        Interested in sections for lining and tumbling mills?
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