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        Short description
        The preparation of ores and other minerals is a complex process playing a significant part in
        the efficiency of production. The ore processing stages cannot take place without quality grinding of ferrous or nonferrous metal ores. Steel grinding balls (GOST 7524-89) are also used for coal grinding at the electric power stations.

        The ball mills are the commonest unit for rock fragmentation. The operating principle of mechanism is very simple: the rotation of a shell with steel grinding balls corresponding to GOST. The content is pulverized or fragmented into larger fractions due to rotation of a shell.

        The balls are divided into the following groups by their hardness:

        1. general purpose normal hardness;
        2. general purpose increased hardness;
        3. high hardness for grinding of ferrous metal ores;
        4. especially high hardness for grinding of nonferrous metal ores, cement, and refractories.

        Section designation Section sizes Product Standard Hardness HRCэ (HB), at least, for groups
        Limit nominal diameter deviations, mm Nominal volume, cm3 Nominal weight, kg   1 2 3 4*  
          GOST 7524-89, DSTU 3499 on the ball surface   at the depth of ½ of the ball radius
        40 ±2,0 37,4 0,294 43 (401) 49 (461) 55 (534) 55 (534) 45 (415)
        60 ±3,0 125 0,98          
        70 ±3,0 204 1,6
        80 ±3,0 299 2,35 40 (352) 42 (375) 52 (495) 52 (514)
        90 ±4,0 435 3,41      
        100 ±4,0 589 4,62 52 (514) 45 (415)
        120 ±5,0 1023 8,03 35 (302) 38 (331) 50 (477)

        *The especially high hardness balls with the diameter of 80 mm, 100 mm, are manufactured of steel grade Ш2Л as per TT 14788411-93-2009.

        Chemical composition and hardness of balls manufactured of steel grade Ш2Л

        The balls are delivered to the Customer unpacked or packed in big bags per 1 ton.

        Mass fraction of elements, as % Hardness HRCэ (HB), at least
        C Mn Si P S Cr Ni Cu
        at most at most
        0,65 – 0,75 0,70 – 0,80 0,20 – 0,35 0,035 0,035 0,50 – 0,60 0,3 0,3 - on the ball surface – 52 (514);
        at the depth of ½ of the ball radius – 45 (415)

        We deliver steel grinding balls for ball mils to the Customers at the best prices on a regular basis. The electric power stations, large-scale enterprises for manufacturing of building materials and other industrial products are among our Customers. The steel grades, sizes, and other indices being used correspond to GOSTs and other stringent Quality Standards.

        Steel Grinding Balls. To buy at a profit in SPE «TechEnergoProm» LLC.

        On our website, you will find hundreds of metal product names with the steel grinding balls, which can be bought in necessary quantities with consideration for specifics of use as well as the grinding bodies for ball mills of some varieties, among them.

        To work with SPE «TechEnergoProm» LLC is conveniently, profitably, and efficiently.

        Those who buy metal products, including the steel grinding balls 40 gr 3 and of other types, know that these products are permanently needed. The friction, wear, and other damage are unavoidable in this environment, and the content of shells must be replaced.

        We are ready to meet the demands for steel grinding balls, metal section, and other analogous products of large-scale industrial enterprises. SPE «TechEnergoProm» LLC is working with dozens of manufacturers producing steel grinding balls. On our website, you can buy them at the optimum prices, delivery arranged.

        The Managers of SPE «TechEnergoProm» LLC resolve all organizational issues connected with the orders, their placement and shipping.

        You need a reliable, proved supplier of steel products? Dial our phone number and enter into a purchase order.

        Interested in steel grinding balls?
        Interested in steel grinding balls?
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