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        Tep news#18 | City Trans Ukraine 2019

        Tep news#18 | City Trans Ukraine 2019

        At the end of the March in the capital of Ukraine was held a branch exhibition City Trans Ukraine 2019. A specialized forum brought together experts of urban transport infrastructure and was devoted to the problems of public transport development. The Techenergoprom group has become a regular exhibitor. More about this in today's release.

        Much attention at the exhibition was paid to the development of urban public transport and electric transport in particular.

        Exhibition pavilions gathered experts from more than sixty cities of Ukraine and neighboring countries abroad.

        The exchange of experience, project presentations, technology demonstrations, the whole range of urban transport communications issues were concentrated on two exhibition days. Specialists of the Techenergoprom group held a series of meetings with representatives of municipalities of Ukraine, as well as foreign guests of the forum.

        Invaluable experience in the implementation of projects for the reconstruction of tram tracks attracted to the stand of the holding specialists and representatives of city authorities from different regions of Ukraine. Silent tram technology is becoming a trend. The implementation of this strategy in the cities of Kiev, Zaporizhye, Kamenskoye, Dnipro, allows the specialists of the Tekhenergoprom group to guarantee high quality when performing the full range of works on the reconstruction of the superstructure.

        This is a landmark Ukrainian exhibition for us. We see prospects, new opportunities to meet our customers. Within a few hours we can talk, discuss all issues with partners, without passing through all the cities of Ukraine. Now we are planning a new technology of laying the rail, we call it the ‘’Leningrad’’ technology. But it has already been improved by our specialists. Organized the production of some components in the city of Dnipro.

        I think that within a few years we will call it the ‘’Dnipro’’ technology with production in the Dnipro city. In our favorite city. We are constantly working. We're on our way to meet our customers. But first of all We're on our way to meet our citizens. Because  concern for people is the most important thing. And the most pleasant thing is to give kindness, joy, noiseless trams for citizens . During numerous meetings at the holding's stand, a series of negotiations and consultations were held with representatives of municipal transport enterprises of Ukraine. The issue of safety of tram transport is very acute.

        The key of solving this problem lies in the reconstruction of tram lines. The solution of this task by the specialists of the TECHENERGOPROM group attracts the close attention of industry experts, which was demonstrated in the City Trans Ukraine 2019 Forum.


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