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        This is a landmark Ukrainian exhibition for us. We see prospects, new opportunities to meet our customers . Within a few hours we can talk, discuss all issues with partners, without passing through all the cities of Ukraine. 

        This is the capital, this is a movement forward. Today it can be said a political project improving our cities with silent trams, silent road. This is what we do and this is a landmark event for all citizens of Ukraine. This year was very fruitful and interesting. In our favorite city, right here we received an order for the reconstruction of the station square. One of the sites we have already completed and put it into operation. 
        We received an order in Kiev for the completion of the track for Kiev-Pas-Trans.
        Also received an order in Lviv. But unfortunately, it is not yet funded. After the election, work will begin. 
        Zhytomyr, Vinnitsa. Zhytomyr transport enterprise, Vinnitsa transport enterprise.
        There are always new developments and noiseless trams; it  just the beginning of our creative engineering journey. We have work for 10 years at least. You can see for yourself that there are a lot of new transport equipment on the street. I hope next year it will turn to bring tram here. To show everyone.
        Thanks to our creative work, our import supplier ArcelorMittal has already visited us today. Already interested. Because we complete the track sections with European-made rails and CIS-made rails. So they came here to meet us personally. We met with them in Berlin at the Berlin exhibition and this year we met here. Enterprise Sigmen is their engineering potential in the CIS countries. Their base is in Latvia.
        Now we are planning a new technology of laying the rail, we call it the ‘’Leningrad’’ technology. But it has already been improved by our specialists. Organized the production of some components in the city of Dnipro.
        I think that within a few years we will call it the ‘’Dnipro’’ technology with production in the Dnipro city. In our favorite city. We are constantly working. We're on our way to meet our customers. But first of all We're on our way to meet our citizens. Because  concern for people is the most important thing. And the most pleasant thing is to give kindness, joy, noiseless trams for citizens .


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