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        We carry out orders for the production of metal structures and rigging, including the production of working drawings and calculations, the supply of metal, the delivery of the finished product.
        Interested in turnkey production?
        Interested in turnkey production?
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        Why you should buy from us

        We offer you a combination of a unique experience, knowledge and sincere attitude to people and business.
        You do not have to worry about the delivery of metal to the object. We are ready to deliver your order to anywhere in the world.
        We guarantee careful control of the proposed products, competitive price level for rolled metal, high level service and related services.
        Efficiency, quality, individual approach are the main principles of work of Techenergoprom.
        We carry out complex deliveries of rolled metal products, both large organizations, construction and manufacturing companies, and customers with minimum order quantities.

        Standard questions

        Do you deliver goods?

        Yes, if necessary, the company organizes the supply of metal products to any region of Ukraine, the CIS and foreign countries. At the request of the customer, it is possible to deliver by railway cars, tracks or sea. For more detailed information on the cost of delivery, please contact the managers.

        What documents are required when buying rolled metal?

        For the purchase of rolled metal, you need to send an e-mail or fax application and requisites of the company. It's even easier to use a special form on our website. For products that are load by self-transport it is necessary to come with a power of attorney and a passport.

        Is it possible to order metal rolling, which is not available at the moment?

        Yes, any kind of metal products temporarily out of stock can be ordered at any time. The order is executed only after payment of the invoice.

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