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        Short description
        SPE «TechEnergoProm» LLC, a reliable player in the ferrous metals market, offers the website visitors and long standing partners to buy building material – building crushed stone (GOST) with the delivery. Everybody being at least indirectly relevant to the building knows how wide is its Scope of Applicability.

        The material is characterized by the granular and friable structure and has different fractures. All of them exceed 5 mm in size. The main and only method for crushed stone production is fracturing of the rock.

        Most often, the mining is carried out by an open-pit method.

        Fraction Grade of compressive strength Cubic form Frost-resistance Class of radioactivity
        min max min
        40-70 1200 10 F300 1
        Screening dust

        To buy crushed stone from SPE «TechEnergoProm» LLC

        We carry on cooperation with the metallurgical plants and large quarries throughout Ukraine. A network of partnership links helps us to conduct flexible and democratic price policy assuring the low cost of crushed stone. 

        With all simplicity, this building material may be very much different by indices. The sizes of fraction are the most notable of them. They are measured in millimeters. The names included in our catalogue are as follows:

        • crushed stone of fraction 5 – 10,
        • standard crushed stone of sizes 5 – 20,
        • quality crushed stone of fraction 20 – 40,   
        • standard crushed stone of fraction 40 – 70,
        • crushed stone chips (the finest and various fraction).

        The cubic form is one of the important parameters too. The cubic form is expressed as a percentage of plate-like and needle-like grains content in the total mass of crushed stone.

        The lesser is the cubic form of crushed stone, the closer to cube is the grain form; such crushed stone is considered to be of higher quality. In the manufacture of concrete, it makes possible to economize concrete aggregate providing an opportunity to perform compact tamping with the minimum inter-grain distances. The closer is crushed stone to the cubiform one, the larger is the strength possessed by it. The granite, like other materials, is exposed to the temperature effect, and thus is classified by the freeze-thaw resistance. The number of freeze/thaw cycles after which the standard performance characteristics are not lost is important for it. This number is presented in the Tables as the values from F 15 to F 400.

        The granite is liable to absorption of radiation. Our partners pay close attention to the safety of offered materials and deliver the goods only of the 1 and 2 permissible classes of radioactivity.

        You will also find in the Table such index as density. It is determined for the granite as a compressive strength under standard conditions.

        All varieties from the catalogue are always available against order. We shall provide delivery of building material in quantity necessary for execution of your project. The details of order always take into consideration the specifics of the Customer’s tasks, his budget, etc.

        We do not just sell. SPE «TechEnergoProm» LLC is a connecting link between the Manufacturer and the Buyer. We do the work of each of you simpler, more efficient, and more dynamic.

        Select and order building materials and metal products from our catalogue at the best prices.  

        Interested in crushed stone?
        Interested in crushed stone?
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