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        Short description
        The transport and construction of communication lines is one of the Scopes of Applicability of metallurgical products. SPE «TechEnergoProm» LLC is a benchmark Metal Trading Company of Ukraine. We offer girder-type rail crossing and other types of transport rolled metal products.

        The products being available for sale in our Company are made from the best steel grades. All product names are consistent with GOST and other Quality Standards

        Type Р65

        Mark  Type of beam Project Length of frog, m, type of frog
        2/11 Timber 1683Дн.00.000 4.293 – diamond-points cast - precast; 2,919 – blunt-points - solid
        2/9 1684Дн.00.000 3.513 - diamond-points cast and precast; 2.742 - blunt-points and solid
        2/7 Дн 765.00.000 (1524 mm track gauge) 2.99 - solid
        2/6 Дн 725.00.000 - girder-type rail crossing to scissor crossover with intertrack space of 5.0 m 2.675 – diamond-points; 3,30 –blunt-points; solid

        Дн 720.00.000 - 1524 mm track crossing with under the crane line type P65  

        2.925 - solid
        75°11' Дн 780.00.000 - 1524 mm track crossing 1524 mm track crossing with tramlines type T62 1.94 - diamond-points; 1.685 – blunt-points; solid
        90° 2576Дн.000 1.467 - solid

        Type Р50

        Mark  Type of beam Project Length of frog, m, type of frog
        2/11 Timber 1685Дн.00.000 3.5 - diamond-points cast - precast;  2.875 – blunt-points - solid
        2/9 1686Дн.00.000 3.118 - diamond-points cast - precast;  2.482 - blunt-points - solid
        2/6 2593Дн.00.000 2.547 - diamond-points cast - precast;  2.175 - blunt-points - solid
        1/9 Дн 640.00.000 - 1520 mm track crossing with under the crane line KP80 type 3.25 - solid
        56°12'22'' Дн 605.00.000 Rail bolt frog
        90° 1739Дн.000 1.467 – solid 

        Fixed crossings of 1520 and 1435 mm track

        Mark  Type of beam Project Length of frog, m, type of frog
        1/9 Timber 1624Дн.00.000 - 1435 mm track to the right of 1520 mm track; for Western regions 3.965 - diamond-points cast - precast 3.25 – blunt-points - solid
        1624Дн.00.000-01 - 1435 mm track to the left of 1520 mm track; for Western regions
        2/11 Дн 745.00.000 - 1435 mm track to the right of 1520 mm track 3.5 - diamond-points cast - precast; 2.875 - blunt-points - solid
        Дн 745.00.000-01 - 1435 mm track to the left of 1520 mm track
        2/9 1625Дн.00.000 - 1435 mm track to the right of 1520 mm track 3.118 - diamond-points cast - precast; 2.482 - blunt-points – solid 
        1625Дн.00.000-01 - 1435 mm track to the left of 1520 mm track
        2/6 Дн 775.00.000 - 1435 mm track to the right of 1520 mm track 2.547 - diamond-points cast - precast 2.175 - blunt-points - solid  
        Дн 775.00.000-01 - 1435 mm track to the left of 1520 mm track

        Distinctive features of girder-type rail crossings

        The special requirements are made for the railway tracks. They must be not only durable and long-life. The rails present a reliable support for massive railway trains. They must ensure stable train movement and turns.

        Such parts may differ in the following:

        • track gauge (it may be the same or different);
        • angle at which the tracks cross (right- and skew-angular);
        • frog length;
        • type of product (fixed crossing of track, turnout, etc.);
        • model.

        The products of different types from the Leading Manufactures are presented in our catalogue. SPE «TechEnergoProm» LLC offers to place an order for transport rolled metal products of different categories.

        We shall find just these products, which are necessary for the implementation of your project, correspond to the Customer’s budget and other criteria.

        Main types of products

        Being based on the different functions and places of installation, the products are divided into the different types and models. The most demanded products are:

        • P50 fixed crossing;
        • P65 structure model.

        You can familiarize yourself with their technical characteristics during the consultation with our expert.

        Sale of fixed crossings in Ukraine

        These types of products are the most demand in the Western world, but it is in demand in Ukraine too. P65 fixed crossings and other models are required permanently and in rather large quantities. The reason is simple: the tracks wear off, break, and are modernized.

        This results in arising of demand for fixed crossings. The price for products presented in our catalogue is rather moderate. It will make possible for you to keep within the budget. We understand the needs and capabilities of our Customers and offer the best products for moderate amounts of money.

        Please contact us for consultations and as to the purchases. SPE «TechEnergoProm» LLC will select the best products for each Customer! It is important for us which products may be delivered to the Customer more likely. A large network of partners makes it possible to select from some options.

        Waiting for your calls and e-mail messages to our contact e-mail address!

        Interested in girder-type rail crossings?
        Interested in girder-type rail crossings?
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