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Practically, any building site, ports, freight terminals, integrated house-building factories, metallurgical complexes, and many others economic entities cannot do without the hoisting cranes.
The overhead bridge, tower, traveling bridge, and overhead gantry cranes different by the design and purpose are combined together by the same: a need for availability of the crane runways.

A distinctive feature of crane rail is considered its lesser height and shortened web with the simultaneous thickening.

Our catalogue includes everything you need. You can buy crane rails of the following types:

  • Crane rails КР70
  • Crane rails КР80
  • Crane rails КР100
  • Crane rails КР120
  • Crane rails КР140
  • Crane rails А45
  • Crane rails А55
  • Crane rails A65
  • Crane rails A75
  • Crane rails A100
  • Crane rails A120
  • Crane rails A150
  • Crane rails SP100
  • Crane rails SP120


Type of rail Weight of 1 meter of length, kg Steel Grade
КР70 46,1 63
КР80 59,81
КР100 83,09
КР120 113,47
КР140 141,7

Crane rails according to the European Standard

Type of rail Standard Weight of 1 meter of length, kg Steel Grade
А45 22,1 355JRV, 200, 200V, 260,260V,300CrV, 320CrV
А55 DIN 536 P1:1991 31,8
А65 43,1
А75 56,2
А100 74,3
А120 100
А150 152,59

Crane Rails according to the Polish Standard

Name Standard Steel Grade Running Meter Weight
SP100 ZN-2004/HKR/0646-10 700,900A 89.05
SP120 118.28

The crane rails conform to different Standards by the range, properties and composition.

GOST 4121-96 is applied to crane rails KP70, KP80, KP100, KP120, and KP140. They are straight line being made of steel grade K63.

The crane rails made according to the European Standard DIN 536 P1:1991 are available in sizes ranging from A45 and A55 to A120 and A150. They have a wide base and a low center of gravity. They are manufactured of steel grades 355JRV, 200, 200V, 260, 260V, 300CrV, and 320CrV.

The crane rails made according to the Polish Standard ZN-2004/HKR/0646-10 are of two types: SP100 and SP120. They are manufactured of high-quality steel grades 700 and 900A.

PCF LLC “TechEnergoProm” offers crane rail mountings KP: stop У1, У2, У3 and retaining plates П1 and П2 as well as crane rail fishplates KP-70/80, KP-100, KP-120, KP -140 according to GOST 24741-81.

Interested in crane rails?
Interested in crane rails?
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Do you deliver goods?

Yes, if necessary, the company organizes the supply of metal products to any region of Ukraine, the CIS and foreign countries. At the request of the customer, it is possible to deliver by railway cars, tracks or sea. For more detailed information on the cost of delivery, please contact the managers.

What documents are required when buying rolled metal?

For the purchase of rolled metal, you need to send an e-mail or fax application and requisites of the company. It's even easier to use a special form on our website. For products that are load by self-transport it is necessary to come with a power of attorney and a passport.

Is it possible to order metal rolling, which is not available at the moment?

Yes, any kind of metal products temporarily out of stock can be ordered at any time. The order is executed only after payment of the invoice.

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