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        Short description
        A tram is one of the oldest and advantageous modes of urban public transport with the electric traction and power supply from the contact system. The operation of tramlines requires availability of a railway track ensuring the direction of wheels when the cars are in motion and forming the rail current-conducting network along with the contact system.

        Everyday urban electric transport conveys millions of people. However, few people have on their mind how many factors depend on the tracks on which it moves. SPE «TechEnergoProm» LLC offers tramway rails made according to foreign Standards. The orders for this type of products are received repeatedly.

        The demand for transport rolled products has grown in many cities of Ukraine. This is due to the fact that the tracks are gradually wearing away, and they are replaced. We are ready to provide all Customers with the quality and durable transport rolled products of any types.


        Name Sizes, mm Standard Steel Grades Length Running Meter Weight
        H B C1 C2 E R kg
        Т62 180 150 58 35 12 9 ТУ 14-2Р-320-96 Э76 12,5 62,05


        Рельсы трамвайные желобчатые

        They are called so due to the feature of section. There is a special groove locating in their upper portion wherein the transport wheels get.

        Name Sizes, mm Sizes, mm Standard Steel Grades Length Running Meter Weight
        H B C1 C2 E kg
        60R1(Ri60-R10, Ri60) 180 180 56 36 12 EN 14811 R260 12,0- 18,0 60,59
        60R2(Ri60-R13, Ri60N) 180 180 55,8 36,3 12 59,74
        62R1 (NP4aM) 180 180 56,03 34,44 12 62,37
        62R2 (NP4aS) 180 180 55,86 33,98 12 61,91
        NT1 180 150 57,33 34,17 14 PN TZ 420191;STOc.070-037009 900A  65.07


        Рельсы бесшеечные желобчатые

        One of the types, which usage is permitted when the rails are being laid. The section of these rolled products is shorter, and the rail is as if «without a web».

        Two large categories are divided into some grades. All of them are clearly described in the Standards as a rule differing by the profiles and length. Let us consider the grades, which we have available for sale.

        Name Sizes, mm Standard Steel Grades Length Running Meter Weight
        H H1 B C C2 M U kg
        LK1 70 73 156 115 56 23 36 AT/09-2011-0116-01 900A 12,0- 18,0 57,68
        B1 72 72 156 115 57 23 35 STOc.070-037009 60.23

        The different types of rails used for provision of the necessary facilities for tramlines are as follows:

        • main rails types P50 and P65 for classical rail laying on the straight ways of isolated tramlines;
        • grooved rails types T62, 60R1, 60R2, 62R1, 62R2, and NT1 for provision of the necessary facilities for turns, traffic ways in the narrow streets with the mutual traffic of trams and motor vehicles, and manufacture of point switches;
        • grooved webless rails LK1 and B1 for sleeperless rail laying at the intersections, on the bridges, and for provision of the necessary facilities for traffic ways with the mutual traffic of trams and motor vehicles.

        Our catalogue includes dozens of names of the products made of different steel grades.

        Tramway rails: price and order

        We can provide any volume of an order for tramway rails. The sizes, quantity, and price will not present a problem. SPE «TechEnergoProm» LLC will select products in keeping with the needs of each individual Customer. We shall take into account everything: the volume of work, design documentation, and certainly your budget.

        Lodge your applications for the products from the best Manufacturers of Rolled Products! We shall consult you on the product characteristics, delivery periods and other details.

        Work together with the best, select with SPE «TechEnergoProm» LLC.

        Interested in tramway rails?
        Interested in tramway rails?
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