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Name Sizes, mm Standard Steel Grades Length Running Meter Weight
b1 b2 h s kg/m
P18 40 80 90 10 DSTU 3799-98; DSTU 2539-94 Н50, Т60, ПТ70 8, 12,5 17,96
P24 51 92 108 10,5 24,96
P38 68 114 135 13 38,416

Рельсы узкой колеи

Railway Mine Rails for Shaft Conductors

Name Sizes, mm Standard Steel Grades Length Running Meter Weight
b1 b2 H s kg/m
Р33 60 110 128 12 ТU 14-2Р-383-2004 ВП, ПП, НП 8, 10 33,48
Р34 60 110 128 13 ТU 27.1-05393056-265: 2009 H50 (ПС, СП); T60 (ПС, СП); ПТ70 (ПС, СП) 8, 10, 11 34,1

Narrow Gauge Rails according to Foreign Standards

Name Sizes, mm Standard Steel Grades Length Running Meter Weight
b1 b2 h s kg/m
S18 43 82 93 10 DIN 5901:1995-11;DIN 17100:1980 R260 6,0-18,0 18,3
S20 44 82 100 10 DIN 5901:1995-11;PN-79/H - 93422;DIN 17100:1980 700,900A 19,8
S24 53 90 115 10 24,4

We deliver narrow gauge rails both through the territory of Ukraine and to foreign countries.

Narrow gauge rails will be used at the industrial enterprises, in the mines and ore mines.

Types R18 and R24 narrow gauge rails will prove useful when laying the underground mine tracks, mine car lines, and bridge crane runways.

Types R18 and R24 narrow gauge rails will be in demand when assembling the approach lines at the industrial enterprises, in the mines and ore mines.

Narrow gauge rails are made of the strongest steel

Narrow track rails are made of strong grades of high- carbon steel. This imparts endurance and durability to the marketable products and minimizes the corrosion effect.

Why are narrow gauge rails selected in PCF LLC “TechEnergoProm”?

We are a Leading Company, which have been maintaining dominance in the market of Ukraine in the volume of purchases and sales of rails during 20 years. In our Company, you can buy all types of rails and the materials for track structure.

By order and ex warehouse – we arrange delivery of rails in any quantities, make up a full set of different-purpose rails made by the world-known Manufacturers. Our team will select the most optimal scheme for transportation of goods. We guarantee timeliness, quality, and affordable prices.

While placing an order with our Company, you obtain a full range of services on a turnkey basis – from the development of Technical Documentation to the assembly. The Companies all over the world have been placing confidence in us over the course of decades. We are sure that we will become a reliable partner for you too. You need not pay the extra money – only fair cost. Make sure of the advantages granted by our Company in practice. Place an order with our Company right away.

In our Company, you will find perfect quality, professional approach, and low prices.

It is a pleasure to work together with us!

Interested in narrow gauge rails?
Interested in narrow gauge rails?
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We guarantee careful control of the proposed products, competitive price level for rolled metal, high level service and related services.
Efficiency, quality, individual approach are the main principles of work of Techenergoprom.
We carry out complex deliveries of rolled metal products, both large organizations, construction and manufacturing companies, and customers with minimum order quantities.
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Do you deliver goods?

Yes, if necessary, the company organizes the supply of metal products to any region of Ukraine, the CIS and foreign countries. At the request of the customer, it is possible to deliver by railway cars, tracks or sea. For more detailed information on the cost of delivery, please contact the managers.

What documents are required when buying rolled metal?

For the purchase of rolled metal, you need to send an e-mail or fax application and requisites of the company. It's even easier to use a special form on our website. For products that are load by self-transport it is necessary to come with a power of attorney and a passport.

Is it possible to order metal rolling, which is not available at the moment?

Yes, any kind of metal products temporarily out of stock can be ordered at any time. The order is executed only after payment of the invoice.

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