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        TEPNEWS #14 | The reconstruction of railway in Dnipro

        TEPNEWS #14 | The reconstruction of railway in Dnipro

        The reconstruction of Kurchatov Street in the city of Dnipro in the summer of 2018 began. The total change touched and tramways. The physical wear of tramways created many problems in this busy part of the city. The Techenergoprom group jointly with the Kharkov City Reil Technology company has applied a number of innovative technologies in replacing the upper structure of the track.

        The load on the roadway is caused by a huge car and tram traffic in this busy part of the city.

        Two stations, markets, a transport hub, a large passenger flow led to an unsatisfactory and simply dangerous condition of the tramway.

        The way out of this situation is the application of the combined technology of laying rails.

        On straight sections used the classical technology of laying rails T62 on concrete sleepers. This technology has proven to be relatively inexpensive, reliable and safe.

        On the areas of alignment of rails with the motorway use the well-proven technology – RCS.

        Heavy plates, in the gutters of which the rails are laid, create an integrated tramway and roadway.

        On curvilinear sections, the laying is carried out using the new technology RS.

        The rails are laid in the troughs of the half-sleepers with the subsequent pouring of concrete into the prepared formwork. The half-sleeves are part of a reinforced block that gives a stiffness to the rail.

        Experts in the field of rail laying found the best engineering solutions that guarantee durability and safety of operation of railways. We will inform about the implementation of this project and the results obtained.

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