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        Short description
        Tramway tyres and axles start in SPE «TechEnergoProm» LLC.

        We have everything at hand for the repair of rolling stock.

        The tramcars hold a specific place in the transport infrastructure of cities.

        The construction of municipal rail transport is expensive. However, the advantages predominate over the cost of work: low cost price of passenger transportation, small power energy consumption, increased safety of traffic, and comfort.

        If you want to extend service life of tramcars, you cannot do without the replacement of worn-out parts. We supply componentry for the repair of tramway rolling stock.

        This is a new activity area, which is developed by our Company. In our catalogue, you will find high-quality tramway tyres and axles for trams Tatra and KTM as well as the brake disc plates and brake units.

        Name Standart
        Tyre ДЭ-111А НР-11  GOST 5257-98
        Tyre К140 НР-12А 4121/2001 
        Tyre КТМ НР-1А  ТУ 1-806-10, GOST 5257-98
        Tyre КТМ УЗ-10  GOST5257-98
        Tyre КТМ Я1460 807.605.09.83.412 
        Tyre КТМ УЗ-3В 
        Low-floor partially machined tyre KTM 630.В GOST 5257-98, GOST 25712-88
        Low-floor tyre KTM Я1871 807.630. GOST 5257-98
        Tyre Tatra E0305 807.03.11-96 According to the drawing
        Tyre Татра НР-2
        Replaceable tyre AAA.06.00.101   GOST 5257-98, GOST 25712-88
        Low-floor tyre KTM УЗ-9    GOST 5257-98
        Axle МТВ НР-13 
        Axle  605.09.40.037 According to the drawing
        Axle  608К.09.29.001
        Axle  630.
        Axle КТМ 605.09.29.211
        Axle Tatra ЦАКФ 7154.20.001

        The range is wide:

        • Tyre ДЭ-111А HP-11 
        • Tyre К140 HP-12А 4121/2001 
        • Tyre КТМ НР-1А 
        • Tyre КТМ УЗ-10 
        • Tyre КТМ Я1460 807.605.09.83.412 
        • Tyre КТМ УЗ-3В 
        • Low-floor partially machined tyre КТМ 630.
        • Low-floor partially machined tyre KTM Я1871 807.630.
        • Tyre Tatra Е0305 807.03.11-96
        • Tyre Tatra HP-2
        • Replaceable tyre ААА.06.00.101
        • Low-floor tyre KTM УЗ-9
        • Tyre MTB HP-13
        • Axle 605.09.40.037
        • Axle 608К.09.29.001
        • Axle 630.
        • Axle КТМ 605.09.29.211
        • Axle Tatra ЦАКФ 7154.20.001

        Purpose of tyres and axles

        The wheels are the most important component of any railway transport. Their design includes railway tyres.

        The tyres and axles are the main components of tramway wheelsets.

        The shape of tramway wheel tyre is conical.

        The tramway tyres minimize the risk of accident and tramcars running off the rails. Our railway tyre is maximally adapted for the different types of wheelsets. Its distinctive features are the quality and long-term operation.

        The tyres comply with the requirements of GOST 5257-98.

        This Standard is extended to the tramcar tyres. The product quality guarantees security for people and environment. The shape of tramway axle is elongated. The wheels are mounted on the tramway and railway axles. The car axles differ in sizes, forms of journals and cross section, materials, manufacturing method, etc.

        The axle is manufactured according to the drawing being previously agreed with the Customer.The requirements of Standard in force are also taken into consideration.

        The main requirement made for the wheels is that they shall not be failing on the drive. For this reason, they a made of low-alloy carbon steel. Different grades of this steel make it possible for the metal structures to be durable, reliable, and wear-resistant.

        High levels of noise and vibration are one of the negative factors of the environmental impact.

        The transport is the main source of noise and vibrations due to the increasing volumes of transportation. A major part of the total level of noise and vibrations in the cities accounts for trams and metro aboveground sections. We offer a new type of wheels with a rubber-springed tyre for all types of Czech-made trams, metro and commuter trains.

        The advantages of these products are as follows:

        • minimization of noise and vibrations generating on the wheel-rail contact;
        • simplification of repair work in the process of tyre replacement and significant increase of service life as compared with the wheels of the classical type.

        You can buy a body central bearing and tramway rails T62 available among the spare parts for repair of trams. The time of manufacture is minimum, and the price is favourable.

        The work with us becomes a pleasure.

        SPE «TechEnergoProm» LLC is your personal supplier of any metal products. It is well known both in the Ukrainian and in foreign markets. We have twenty years’ experience of the optimum solutions.

        The large companies, large and small business are among our Customers. We pay individual attention to each Customer. This is one of the governing principles of our work. Besides, we shall develop for you a reliable and optimal scheme for the delivery of goods.

        SPE «TechEnergoProm» LLC is for those who appreciate the guarantees.

        Interested in axles and tyres?
        Interested in axles and tyres?
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